Cooking Demonstrations and Cookbooks

The NALWO Cookbook:  For the 2011 Spring Tea, we created a cookbook as a gift for the former lab director’s wife, Barbara Oddone. This book is a retrospective of what we chose as some of the best recipes from the last 25 years of NALWO cooking demonstrations. If you’d like a digital copy you can download it here.

Passover Seder Recipes from the dinner held at Chez Leon on April 13, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015 cookbook from the dinner held at Chez Leon on November 18, 2015, corrected and updated with additional recipes brought for the potluck.

Puerto Rican cooking - March 9, 2015, demonstration by Irma Almirall-Padamsee. The updated and corrected recipe book, with color photos and local grocery stores for ingredients.

Thanksgiving Across America the recipe book from the NALWO 2008 presentation, which provides members’ favorite recipes for Thanksgiving, including how to cook a turkey! (updated in 2014)

Armenian Cooking: The recipe booklet from the January 24, 2013 demonstration.

Cooking of the American South: The recipe booklet from the November 17, 2011, Cooking Demonstration.