Fermilab Folk Club 1998/1999 Schedule

1998/1999 Barn Dance Schedule

2nd Sunday Dances - 7 p.m.

September 13, 1998 Music by The Cook County Revelers Caller: Tony Scarimbolo
October 11, 1998 Music by Jennifer Jeffries Caller: Bill Sudkamp
November 8, 1998 Music by Fred Campeau Caller: Paul Ford
December 13, 1998 Music by Chirps Smith and Friends Caller: Dot Kent
January 10, 1999 Music by Joe, Sam, and Jerry Caller: Paul Watkins
February 14, 1999 Music by Mike & Val Caller: Paul Watkins
March 14, 1999 Music by Fred Campeau & Friends Caller: Tony Scarimbolo
April 11, 1999 Music by Chirps and Julie Caller: Dot Kent
May 9, 1999 Music by Rhys, Jim, and Jeff Caller: Martha Tyner
June 13, 1999 Music by Old Time Music Caller: Paul Ford

3rd Sunday Dances - 2 p.m.

November 15, 1998 Music by Stephanie Coleman Caller: Paul Watkins
December 20, 1998 Music by The Swiftians Caller: Dan Saathoof
January 17, 1999 Music by The Common Taters Caller: Bill Sudkamp
February 21, 1999 Music by Lower Fiddle Class Caller: Paul Ford
March 21 1999 Music by Jordan and Friends Caller: Bill Sudkamp
April 18, 1999 Music by The Common Taters Caller: Paul Ford


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