Fermilab Guide to Life

The "Fermilab Guide to Life" is a joint collaboration between FSPA and NALWO (Fermilab Student & Postdoc Association, and National Accelerator Laboratory Women's Organization, respectively). It is a document which contains information intended to help members of the Fermilab community adjust to living and working at the lab. It may be of particular utility to visiting international researchers, and their companions, living in the Fermilab Village or nearby the laboratory.

It is our intention that the content of this document remain up to date, but many aspects of life and work at Fermilab are fluid. Please advise us of any errors or deficiencies in this document that you become aware of by emailing fspa_officers@fnal.gov.

As always, your FSPA officers are here to help you however we can. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, and comments! (We can be reached by emailing fspa_officers@fnal.gov).

2015 Guide to Life (pdf)