Cindy Joe

Fermilab employee working in MCR operations
Cindy Joe

Candidate Statement

Hello all,

My name is Cindy Joe and for five years I have been an accelerator operator in the Main Control Room at Fermilab. This means I keep the infrastructure of the place running—the accelerators themselves and all their associated systems. If you’re on an experiment which takes proton beam, you have it because of our shared 24/7/365 work.

Full disclosure: I’m not a student and I’m not a postdoc. What I am is a young, early-career member of the lab who cares a lot about and has a lot of experience making complicated things run smoothly . I understand it’s a little bit unusual for a non-student/postdoc to be so involved with FSPA, but I’ve enjoyed it over the years and when I was asked if I wanted to get involved with the leadership, I decided I’d see what the members thought.

Basically, I’d like to help out people who were like me when I first moved out here—without a social outlet, without representation by any group in particular. The GSA/FSPA has long unofficially served this function for young operators, technicians, engineers, mechanics, and others who do not traditionally fall under its purview. What I would propose to do is to serve as a liason particularly to the interests and talents of these valuable community members. I served on the Fermilab Employee Advisory Group for a 3-year term during which I brought the interests of the groups I represented to the directorate, and I would like to keep using those skills to help make the lab (and the social life of the lab, and the lives of its young community members, and its community in general) a better and better place to be.

Plus, I cook really well. I don’t think I need to explain why this is useful.

Thanks for your support!