Elena Gramellini

Graduate Student working with MicroBooNE and LArIAT

Elena Gramellini

Candidate Statement

Let’s face it: brain work is hard. However, a strong, connected community is what can help us enjoy most of our days at work. When I visited Fermilab for the first time in 2010 as an Italian summer student, I found that type of community, and I found myself in it. Fermilab truly shaped my experience as young scientist and now, as a graduate student working in LArIAT and MicroBooNE, I would like to give back.

I believe ideas benefit from diversity and blossom in a welcoming environment. I hope to bring my diversity and experience to FSPA because I want find concrete ways to make our environment even more fun and fruitful. The first step is listening to new ideas: my door is always open and empathy is my strong suite.

To list the reasons why I would be a good representative, I’ll conclude paraphrasing Frank Underwood: “She's a woman, check, and a European, check, but more important than that, she's as tough as a two-dollar steak. Check, check, check.”