Rob Fine

Graduate Student from University of Rochester working on MINERvA

Rob Fine

Candidate Statement

Though I've only been at Fermilab for a short time, I've been amazed at the interactions between students from different backgrounds that happen in the lab and in the village on a daily basis. I think that all of us at the lab have a great opportunity to learn from each other, whether it be a new language, or a new recipe, or a new sport. I think that the FSPA serves an important function in our community to foster this exchange of culture, and I welcome the chance to help the FSPA serve its purpose in new and exciting ways. I have recently moved to the lab and look forward to spending the next several years out here working as a graduate student on MINERvA.

Hobbies include: Fermilab soccer, eating cookies at the Director's Coffee Break, and debating the definition of 'cold' with South Americans who haven't yet spent a Winter in Illinois.

So, I encourage you to vote for me because I believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our community to shape Fermilab into the kind of place that students and post-docs look forward to visiting (for work, and for fun), and because winter is coming.