Shyh-Yuan Lee

Indiana University


Candidate Statement

The Fermilab's UEC plays an important role in high energy physics community in the United States. It serves as a bridge between the user community and the Directorate and the funding agencies on future planning and research direction. It also serves an educational role in communication with the general public. My goal as an UEC member is to work with the Laboratory and all its Fermilab Research Alliance FRA members to ensure Fermilab's key role as the center in U.S. high energy physics and accelerator physics, and to maintain Fermilab as a training ground for young scientists in high energy physics and accelerator physics.

As an Accelerator Physicist at Indiana University, I have had opportunity to participate research works with graduate students at the Fermilab Booster, main-injector, and Tevatron. In recent years, Fermilab has undertaken several new accelerator projects for high intensity and high power beams. The generic and multidisciplinary accelerator R&D is also very important to the future of high-energy physics. Fermilab has played an important role in technology transfer and served as a resourceful laboratory for US industries in accelerator science and technology. The Fermilab UEC may be able to make contributions in this direction too.