Raphael Schroeter

Harvard University


Candidate Statement

A few weeks from now, the upgraded NuMI beam will be turned on. This will mark the beginning of another important era at Fermilab with the Intensity Frontier experiments taking their first data. The lab's neutrino and astroparticle experiments will generate exciting results and confirm Fermilab's world class facility status.

I first came to Fermilab in the summer 2007 to attend the International Neutrino School as a graduate student. My opinion about the lab has not changed since then: it is a place of great scientific collaboration that makes it the center of U.S. HEP. Fermilab must continue to be the place where scientists from all over the world feel welcome and productive to conduct the finest research. Fermilab must continue to be a model of excellence for the current and future generation of scientists.

As a member of UEC I will convey the importance of that mission:

First, by improving and extending the interaction between current, new and potential users. The user's meeting has a key role in achieving that goal.

Second, by making the funding agencies and lawmakers aware of the importance and crucial nature of the fundamental research being conducted at the lab. Past trips to Washington and local politician offices have proven useful and should continue to be a priority.

Third, by broadening even further the level of communication between the scientific community and the general public through the lab's outreach program. The creation of a streamlined and standardized process to attract more potential speakers, such as a speakers bureau, will help with this task.

I have been a member of the Fermilab community, as a NOvA collaborator, for more than two years and a CERN user before that. This allowed me to understand the importance of communication and coordination between collaborators to achieve efficient and outstanding research work. My strong commitment to Fermilab as well as my good communication skills makes me a good advocate of the laboratory user's community.