Vitaly Pronskikh



Candidate Statement

My view of the Users Executive Committee and its functions is in a full accordance with its Constitution: it is a forum for scientists and engineers involved in projects conducted with the use of Fermilab facilities (its accelerators and detectors being among the most important ones) to discuss various relevant scientific and administrative matters, as well as provide advice on these matters to all interested agencies. The key to the UEC effective functioning is that it gathers those participants engaged in advancing our knowledge of the Nature; its deeper understanding is our common final goal driving all our efforts irrelative of one's particular specialization; that is, in my impression, the required angle of Committee members on all Users' activities associated with Fermilab's infrastructure.

Users require significant resources from the Laboratory in order to implement their experimental programs. Those, in turn, depend upon both Fermilab's large-scale facilities and multidisciplinary globally distributed teams of scientists and engineers, which Fermilab and UEC are supposed to coordinate. On the other hand, given current rate in fundamental research funding, it is not all scientifically promising ideas that the Laboratory can afford to realize on a reasonably short term. However, neglecting those really attractive might imply losing opportunities for scientific leadership by the US on a long-term perspective. I envision one of UEC roles as estimating the potential impact of Users' experimental programs and advising on priorities of their implementation at Fermilab.

The wide distribution of Users' community in the rapidly globalizing world entails Fermilab's role as the center locally coordinating the large-scale international cooperation, and UEC could serve a platform of such coordination. Knowledge of new particles and interactions arising from Fermilab's and its Users' activities belongs and is open to everyone and thus has no borders. Moreover, accelerator or detector R&D for Users' fundamental experimental research programs always concurrently creates new technologies applicable everywhere and transferable to industry, which transfers UEC can help facilitate. Scientific program and achievements of Fermilab and its Users in order to be widely appreciated need to be actively communicated to both public and academics across disciplinary borders, and UEC can play a positive role in promoting such communications.