Vivian O'Dell



Candidate Statement

I have worked at Fermilab for nearly 20 years, first the in the fixed target program (KTeV), then in the energy frontier (DZero and CMS). While at Fermilab I have worked in both the computing and the particle physics divisions. Previous to Fermilab, I worked for the Rutherford Laboratory, stationed at CERN on the UA1 experiment and for NIKHEF, Amsterdam, stationed at DESY on the ZEUS experiment. My positions in project management in DZero (Run IIb upgrade project manager) and CMS (US CMS DAQ project manager, Deputy for the US CMS Detector Operations Program, as well as management positions in US CMS Computing) has given me project management skills and allowed me to interact with funding agencies here and in Washington.

Fermilab is the flagship particle physics lab in the US and thus is unique among the DOE suite of basic research laboratories. In order to maintain our global position in particle physics, we must ensure that the physics program at Fermilab is vibrant and that the cutting edge engineering, computing and technical skills we have at Fermilab are not compromised. To keep our field healthy, we must make a strong case to our funding agencies, Congress and the public. Young people we train at Fermilab, whether in physics, engineering, computing or other technical areas, are our best ambassadors: We need to ensure that they get good jobs both in the field and in industry. I look forward to working with the community to address these issues within the UEC.