Michael Mulhearn

University of California, Davis


Candidate Statement

I spent more than a decade living on the Fermilab prairie, working on both Tevatron experiments, D0 and CDF, from start to finish of Run 2. During that time, I searched for the Higgs boson and exotic new physics while designing, implementing, and maintaining trigger electronics to collect the data needed for a diverse physics program. I studied for my general exams at Fermilab, later I practiced my job talks there, and all of the steps in between. I am deeply committed to helping support the lab's mission, which is much larger than any one experiment.

Fermilab is now undergoing a major transition in the focus of its research, at a time when federal funding is extremely tight. The Tevatron experiments are finishing their legacy measurements. Meanwhile, the US CMS project, headquartered at Fermilab, has completed a successful run while simultaneously preparing for upgrades that will allow the experiment to reach higher energy and intensity. Fermilab has also assembled an impressive array of experiments on the intensity and cosmic frontiers. Inventive new muon experiments could potentially uncover evidence for new physics. The Large Baseline Neutrino Experiment will make precision measurements to constrain the mass hierarchy and mixing parameters. There are cosmological searches for dark matter, dark energy, or, perhaps, something completely unexpected.

All of this diverse activity could be viewed as a competition for the labs limited resources, but that is the wrong perspective. For the lab to thrive in the years ahead, we must support first-rate research from all of our colleagues, whether on the energy, cosmic, or intensity frontier. I believe that Fermilab will continue to provide opportunities for physicists both young and old to pursue their dreams and unravel the secrets of the universe.

I would be honored to help protect the labs mission by serving on the Fermilab User's Executive Committee.