Tulika Bose

Boston University


Candidate Statement

I am an Assistant Professor at Boston University and I currently work on the CMS experiment at the LHC. I have been a Fermilab user since 2000 when I first started working on the D0 experiment. I received my Ph.D. in experimental high energy physics (thesis: "Search for Bs oscillations at D0") from Columbia University in 2006. My post-doctoral research at Brown University focused on direct searches for new phenomena at the D0 and CMS experiments. I continue to have strong ties with Fermilab and frequently visit and collaborate with others at the Fermilab LHC Physics Center (LPC).

I believe that Fermilab has been the premier laboratory for particle physics in the US and it is absolutely critical to maintain its legacy of excellence with a diversified scientific program. The Users Executive Committee provides an effective forum for shaping the future of the laboratory. I am committed to serving the Fermilab user community at large and if elected, I will act as an advocate to the Fermilab Directorate, the funding agencies and the general public. As a longtime Fermilab user and resident both on-site and offsite, I am aware of many of the issues involved.

Finally, as a junior faculty member, I am aware of the many challenges faced by the young post-docs and students in our field. These range from how to be visible in large collaborations and maintain a healthy work-life balance to exploring different career options. If elected, I will work on addressing some of these issues by organizing specific events and also by devising strategies for promoting the young.

In summary, I would be delighted and honored to serve the Fermilab user community and help ensure that the laboratory remains at the forefront of particle physics both in the US and worldwide.