Sandra Biedron

Colorado State University


Candidate Statement

I am an accelerator engineer working with the Fermilab team for developing present and future accelerators. Further, I am a professor in accelerator engineering educating graduate students, undergraduates, and high-school students from the U.S. and other countries about accelerator engineering and physics and their applications.

Fermilab's capabilities from machine design to accommodating the end users, including accelerator scientists and engineers), parallel needs called out in the recent DOE reports including the "Accelerator R&D Task Force Report" and "Accelerators for America's Future." In fact, just in this year, I have watched the Fermilab resources help radiation safety design teams, involve students in ongoing research at Fermilab, and open its doors to new collaborations. This outreach and collaboration highlights the Fermilab message - of being an open and collaborative research facility.

My goals are two-fold:

- to provide an accelerator engineer's and educator's perspective to the Fermilab User's Organization

- insure that Fermilab maintains and strengthens its reputation as an open and collaborative research laboratory with academia, industry, other government agencies, and international collaborators.