Henning Back

Princeton University


Candidate Statement

As a longterm onsite user I would like to bring my perspective to the UEC, to be a representative for the users with the Fermilab directorate, and an advocate of the Lab in Washington and with the funding agencies. Although I am an outside user, I manage two projects at Fermilab that require me to allocate Lab resources through Lab management, and to work directly with technical staff, scientists, and engineers to see these projects come to fruition.

My experience is in ultra-low background experiments and I presently work on a Dark Matter experiment. While I am interested by the physics of the accelerator based program and am aware of the technical and physics synergies with the astrophysics program, I add to the UEC the viewpoint of the non-accelerator based experiments at Fermilab. I am a collaborator on the Darkside Dark Matter search experiment, using an argon dual-phase TPC, where I am in charge of all aspects of underground argon procurement in the field in Colorado and purification at Fermilab. I also collaborate on the Scene experiment where we are measuring the scintillation efficiency of nuclear recoil events in liquid argon as a function of applied electric field.

In addition to my scientific desire to see the future success of Fermilab, I also have a personal vested interest in Fermilab's future. Coming to Fermilab in 2010 was a return home to the area for me, and I am now raising my family on the same street I grew up on, across from my parents. As a resident, I am directly aware of issues that affect how local communities see Fermilab and Argonne.

I believe that my experiences are well suited to be a successful representative for users in implementing their programs at the lab, and would be proud to serve our user community.