UEC Committees

Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for the organization of an annual spring trip to Washington, D.C. to promote science and high energy physics to members of the legislation and discuss with the Department of Energy and the National Science foundation about the plans for the next years. For this, the P5 report is a helpful intrument to promote the plans of our community.

Users' Meeting

The Users' Meeting Committee organizes the annual Fermilab User Meeting. It's main task is to invite the whole scientific community once a year to show what new results where obtained by HEP at Fermilab or with Fermilab involvement. It highlight the past and future experiments and gives young scientists a platfom to present themselves to the User community.

Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education Committee promotes outreach activities at Fermilab and external institutions to increase public awareness of exciting physics at Fermilab and STEM activities.

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life Committee aims to improve the quality of life for users at Fermilab. The committee's mission is to find new ways or improve existing programs to increase the interaction, visibility and further the careers of young physicists.